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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Plan | Pay-As-You-Go

Posted by Jesse Garcia on March 24, 2020

These are unprecedented times and now more than ever is a time for all of us to come together and provide an abundance of encouragement and support. The Zipi team remains operational and we are here to support real estate brokers during the uncertainty that lies ahead; assuring their brokerage will continue to flourish.

One of our core tenants has always been to align the company's results with the success of our customers. Our customers have always stood by us and we want to do our part to stand by them. That is why during these tough times we want to pay it forward. 

As a company we have always believed in being prudent and conservative with our decisions. These ideals have allowed us to maintain our strong position and provide help to those who need it most through this period. Our customer base has kept us thriving during these years and it is only fitting that we take care of real estate brokerages today.

Zipi is launching an Emergency Relief Program that includes a permanent Pay-As-You-Go plan. This plan takes an additional step in aligning our success with yours and will live on as a self-serve option in the future. During our response effort this new Pay-As-You-Go plan will allow brokerages to only pay for deals that have closed. No setup, monthly or annual fees.

In addition to this we are temporarily bundling this new Pay-As-You-Go plan with our gold standard professional services and support at no cost. We are committed to ensuring that real estate brokerages can operate effectively while working remotely.

We are a sound company that will overcome these difficult times and look forward to serving you long after this pandemic has concluded.


Jesse Garcia

Written by Jesse Garcia