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Real estate transaction checklist for brokers

Posted by Jesse Garcia on February 19, 2019

Once your agent has a buyer and a seller agree on a deal, it’s important to close it as soon as possible. Real estate transactions often lead to quite a bit of stress for buyers and sellers.

Think about it, most people don’t sell or buy houses every week so this is probably when they need their real estate agent the most. Your agents will be most helpful when they’re well organized and have a clear idea of where things stand for each transaction.

That’s why it makes sense to set up a checklist with the most important points to keep in mind. Your agents will be able to manage buyer and seller expectations and show them with confidence that everything is running according to plan.

Download our checklist template

In case you’re unsure where to start, here’s a real estate transaction checklist template that you can use for all your deals. Ask your agents to keep track of the transaction using this checklist. Make sure that the checklist also allows for the agent to manually add items -- since every real estate transaction is slightly different, more things might need to be added to the checklist.

If you set up the checklist in your business management system or other sharing platform, your agents will be able to update you on all their transactions. You’ll have the oversight where needed and you can spot mistakes and fix them quickly.

Once you’ve created the checklist, make sure to train all your agents on how to use it. That includes telling them why it’s important to have and complete a checklist, how they should complete the checklist and what kind of problems they should expect.

Make sure your agents use the checklist

If you make sure that agents use this checklist for every transaction, you can track them as needed. You’ll also be able to sign off on deals, knowing that everything has been taken care of.

This will save you time, as you speed up your approval process. You’ll have all the information you need to be able to approve a deal right in front of you and won’t need to chase busy agents to get them to confirm any unclear details of the transaction.

Finally, once the deal has been signed and the process is over, you’ll also be handed all the glory! Buyers and sellers appreciate the fact that you’re well organized and are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. So setting up that checklist is really an easy win!

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Jesse Garcia

Written by Jesse Garcia