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What does a Real Estate Agent Really Do?

By Jesse Garcia on March 21, 2019 in Career
I've been a Real Estate agent for 12+ years and you might be surprised at how often I hear this question or better yet, when I hear someone’s vivid opinion of what they think a Real Estate agent does..

How to Attract Talented Real Estate Agents

By Jesse Garcia on March 14, 2019 in Career
"Great vision without great people is irrelevant." -Jim Collins. Great agents are often hard to come by and you might spend more time recruiting than you really want. To minimize resources lost on..

Key Performance Indicators: The Language of Business

By Jesse Garcia on December 20, 2018 in Career
Real estate professionals all run a business -- even if you ‘officially’ work for a broker, it’s important that you behave and think like you’re running your own business. And as a business owner,..

Why new real estate agents fail

By Jesse Garcia on November 7, 2018 in Career
Approximately 80% of real estate agents fail in the first year. Even after that, the odds don’t improve much.  While no magic solution exists to the question of why most real estate agents fail, here..