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3 Tips for Recruiting More Agents

Posted by Jesse Garcia on May 21, 2020

Recruitment and retainment are the two king ‘Rs’ for brokers and is a constant battle to make sure your brokerage is growing. At Zipi, we’ve realize some of the best insights come from the field, so we’ve reached out to key brokers and team leaders to find out their top tips for recruiting agents.

Read on below.

1. Position to Win the Picky Agent

“Whether you’re a small independent or a large franchise brokerage, if you are clear on your value proposition and can clearly illustrate the benefit you provide, agents will join your company. And, if you deliver on your promises they will stay.” says Zipi CEO, Jesse Garcia, former multi-team leader managing over 200 agents.

Jesse points out that recruitment is a two part consideration, your offering and delivery. This suggests you can take a strategic look at your own office. Are you positioning yourself to win targeted agents, the ones that you really want? Then, are you able to deliver on the goods?

For some brokers, actioning this may mean considering which agents they can win and hold.

For example, targeting agents that are still key performers in their field, but not the top players, because they are only able to deliver the consistent value that can retain those agents.

On the other hand, it may also encourage you to review your brand’s strategy. Perhaps you may want to invest in improving your office’s culture to be more attractive to your target agents 

2. Over-invest in Care

Pat Hiban, real estate businessman and host of Real Estate Rockstars suggests leveraging your downtimes to double down on caring for your prospective agents and build up good will for the long-term.

“Now is a great time to show prospects that you really care about them. Since your entire day is free from things like drive time, chit chat and hands on management you as a recruiter have most likely 2 extra hours per day that you did not have 60 days ago. Use this time to “care” on your recruits.”

3. Make Switching Easier

“Make the transition easy by doing the redesign of their marketing for them. If you don't employ a graphic designer, hire one on Fiverr or a similar platform. You can also reduce the financial impact of the transition by offering a marketing bonus at sign on for yard signs, business cards, name tags, promotional items.” explains Amber Loewy, VP at Align Right Realty.

Understandably, moving is a big decision. Amber recommends considering this transition and how you can minimize the impact. Perhaps you can create an onboarding bootcamp, or offer to take on several tasks as part of the transition to make moving to your brokerage easier.


While there is no definitive strategy to agent recruitment, we hope the above tips provided a few actionable strategies to increase your agent intake. Be sure to consider your strategic positioning in order to attract and retain agents, double down on low periods to build long-term good will and make the transition easier by lowering the threshold effort required to onboard with your brokerage.

Jesse Garcia

Written by Jesse Garcia